Pink for boys


Apparently there’s been a big right-wing blow-up about the above ad that appeared in J Crew. So while girls must dress in pink to be girls, if boys do anything with pink, they’ll turn into girls! Towleroad has some choice quotes and more information, including some thoughtful comments by readers about gender politics.

I will admit that I find this ad disturbing, though not because his toenails are pink. In general I’m pretty anti-make-up, especially for children. The idea of painting little kids nails, boys or girls, pink or blue or whatever, just freaks me out. That’s probably because I didn’t wear enough pink growing up and thus failed to develop my feminine side properly. And now I’m a humorless polish-hating feminist. (via Adam)

Stupid pink for girls

When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink? looks at the issue of gender-specific clothing for children. This issue has irked me forever, but especially now that I have a daughter and my son’s in school. Nearly all the girls in his class come to school dressed head-to-toe in pink. And if I don’t have Minna dressed in some shade of pink, people inevitably think she’s a boy. I grew up in the glory days of the gender-neutral seventies and early eighties and I’ve always hated pink. Keeping the pink away from Minna is a battle I’m determined to fight.

On Manhattan Fashion

At least since last winter, if not before, I’ve observed a trend I like to call “Arctic Extreme!!!” People dressing like New York City is some vast frozen tundra, wearing huge Sorel boots rated to -60°F, donning 800 fill power down jackets, covering their heads in fur hats donned by Russian czars. I observed this and chuckled, especially when it was 35° and sunny.

Well who’s laughing now, with New York buried under 60″ of snow so far this winter? With an ice storm underway, and paralyzing amounts of slush and snow blocking the streets, making foot passage nearly impossible? Last year, if I’d seen someone mushing with their dogs down an avenue I’d laugh. Today I’d think, “Huh, not a bad idea. Where do you get sled dogs in the City though??”

The best thing about the 21st century

Without a doubt in my mind, I'd like to go on the record and say the best 21st century happening is the "invention" of really soft cotton t-shirts and tank tops! It used to be you had to wear your t-shirts forever and ever to get that super-soft and thin shirt. But now, through some technology I can only imagine was developed in collaboration with NASA (perhaps that's what the mission specialists do on the Space Shuttle?), you can just go to any store and buy a brand new super soft t-shirt. And it's not even expensive! You can get them at Forever 21 and H&M for like $5.99!! The future *is* here. I thought it wasn't, but I was wrong. Oh how I love you brand new super soft shirts!!!

Easy tucking for fall

Katerina jean from Thirteen DenimIt's like those jackets that come with built-in shirts, only it's built-in socks for your jeans! Yes, that's right, no more bagging or cramming or scrunching your jeans into your [insert hip type of boot you wear] boots. Check out Stocking Stuffer: built-in socks for girls who tuck where Thirteen Denim's sock jean is Item of the Week.

These ingenious jeans from Thirteen Denim feature a built-in sock that eliminates baggy knees, bunched fabric, and–worst of all–broken zippers. The line comes in several fits and washes, and two different sock lengths for different boot heights. Everything you need, in other words, to keep on tuckin'.

Check out the collection online at Now what would really be cool would be to wear those jeans without knee-high boots, like say with a pair of ballet flats. Knickers meets leg warmers! Trends collide!

The end of the jeans police

It has come to our attention here at NYC Jeans Police HQ that imminent layoffs may be required! According to this article from, The tide is high, "[m]idriff-exposing, thong-baring, low-riding jeans are finally finished." Though we here at HQ are shocked by the changing jeans current, and are certainly saddened by the prospect of releasing our highly-trained, devoted unit of officers, we must acknowledge fashion's fickle flow. The days of issuing tickets for exposed thongs may be over.

Is there any hope? What about our cadets in training? Fear not! We have spotted legions of women donning gaucho pants in the streets of Manhattan. It appears the estilo sudamericano (South American style, last seen in 1978) is in full swing in our fair borough. First panchos, then peasant skirts, now gauchos. What's next, the urban sombrero? Fear not, citizens of fashion, our forces will re-group to combat this newest clothing menance. And once again, the streets and subways will be safe.

Annoying things about giant sunglasses

Several things struck me in this New York Times article, Sophia? Is That You Behind the Shades?, about giant sunglasses, none having to do with the weaing of giant sunglasses themselves.

First it was the discovery that the house style at the Times is to spell New York's Nolita neighborhood, "NoLIta" which I guess makes sense (North of Little Italy) but sure looks ugly in print. Then it was the realization that "crème brûlée" was being used as an adjective to describe the color of someone's giant sunglasses. I object. Crème brûlée is a yummy dessert, and sounds far too affected when used as a color — unless you're a French chef with a limited command of the English language.

The final blow was the quote from a woman in the business who said, "People are loving theses shades because they make you look hoboish in a rich way[.]" You've got to be kidding, that sounds just like Derelicte to me! And what the hell is, "hoboish in a rich way"? I spent five hundred dollars on giant sunglasses and a peasant skirt but look like I slept on the street? Is that it? Sounds hoboish in a stupid way to me.

The magical Venus razor

I am not a fan of disposable razors, they always seemed wasteful to me, and never very good. So a long time ago — before they made fancy razors for women — I started using Gillette men's razors. Over the years, I slowly upgraded until I was using the Gillette Mach 3. And I was happy. Until I left it in the shower on Nantucket last week. So I headed to Duane Reade for a new razor and for some reason decided now was the time to try a ladies' razor. The Gillette Venus looked nice and the handle appeared ergonomic and easy to manoveur, so without much thought I bought it. Then I shaved my legs with it.


What was I thinking using that crappy old Mach 3 for all those years? The Venus is AMAZING! Easy to control, nimble around the ankles, slick and fast up the calf, and above all, smooth! My legs haven't ever felt so smooth after a shave ever! I'm counting the minutes until I can shave again, that's how much I love this razor. It's a triple-mint, double-plus-good, two-thumbs up, five stars and diamonds razor. For sure.

Road Runner Sports at Amazon

Amazon seems to be teaming up with everyone. Today I noticed Amazon's now partnered with San Diego's Road Runner Sports, my favorite place to buy running shoes. RRS used to be an all-catalog outfit and they won me over the very first time I called them, in 1990. I'd seen the shoes I wanted in the local running store in Cambridge (MA). I called RRS for a price quote. The price was the same as the local store, so I told the guy on the phone, "Thanks but I don't want to order them."

He asked me, "Why not?"

"Because the price is the same as the store nearby and I could get them today, without paying for shipping."

So he lowered the price by $10 and overnighted the sneakers to me for free. Yup, I like RRS. And I like them even more integrated into Amazon's super-duper shopping and recommendation engine.