Dollhouse and clothes

Dollhouse and clothes

When I was little my mom and I built a dollhouse from a kit. Around seventh grade I got really into making stuff for the house, in particular hats and some clothing. My house spent the past 2o years in my grandparents’ attic but yesterday it finally found its new home here in Vermont. Eventually the kids will play with it. In the meantime, I poked around this AM and found all the old stuff and created this photoset to detail my millinery work. I see a new Etsy shop in my future!

Here’s the whole set of photos.

Desert Silence

Vista from Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Vista from Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Vista from Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Vista from Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Back from Las Vegas and I have re-affirmed my love of the high desert country. Driving for hours across vast expanses of Joshua trees, through parts of the Mojave and up and over the mountains and past the windfarms of Tehachapi was soothing and almost meditative. Hiking around Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, I experienced the splendor first-hand. And the quiet and stillness of the surroundings encouraged my reflections on everything — life, love, the vast and varied beauty of America — these last few days. I feel like I'm still carrying some desert silence within me.

Merry Christmas 2001

Our Christmas Tree

Well the presents are opened and now comes my favorite part: sitting and reading one of the books that I've been given. Today's selection is The French Laundry Cookbook by Thomas Keller. I can't wait to try some of these recipes. It's also inspired me to start saving my money in the hopes of going to the The French Laundry for dinner. I figure if I start saving a dollar or two every day (in a jar with the label "French Laundry Dinner Fund") I should have enough saved by May or so, when the weather will be delightful in Napa. That means around March I'll have to start calling to try and get my reservation. I think it will be worth it.

Enjoy your day and your presents if you're of the Christmas persuasion. If you're not, please enjoy your day nonetheless.

Buying a camera from Digital eTailer

Now that my new camera, a Nikon Coolpix 995, has arrived safely, I can recommend the place I bought it from, Digital-eTailer. I was suspicious since I'd never heard of them and it was so cheap ($648, but it's now listed at $699). After I spoke with someone on the phone to "confirm" my web order (confirm meaning "we'll try to upsell you on all kinds of junk you don't need but it will be worth it to listen to our spiel for five minutes since the price you're paying is so much lower than anyplace else selling the camera online, and there's no tax, and you're getting free shipping because you bought two accessories, so see, it's not too bad to listen to some salesy rant now is it?"), the camera was on its way and arrived a little more than a week later. If you're looking for a new camera, you might want to try Digital-eTailer. Especially if you want the Nikon 995, since they had the lowest price (and if you buy by December 31, 2001 Nikon is offering a $100 rebate on it.)

Commercials at the movies

On the movie theatre commercial tip, a point of clarification: I didn't mean those slides that they show onscreen while people are entering the theatre and the lights are still up and you're trying to find your seat and not step in any movie theatre floor goo (which got all over my favorite green bag when I saw 2001 recently at the Castro and was really gross). These commercials are like TV commercials and start after the lights dim. They were loud and long and one was for Windows XP. That's what I'm talking about. One reader wrote to inform me that many large movie chains have gone bankrupt in the past 18 months, hence commercials. I'm going to investigate this a bit more…if you have any good links/info, please send them my way.