Easy tucking for fall

Katerina jean from Thirteen DenimIt's like those jackets that come with built-in shirts, only it's built-in socks for your jeans! Yes, that's right, no more bagging or cramming or scrunching your jeans into your [insert hip type of boot you wear] boots. Check out Stocking Stuffer: built-in socks for girls who tuck where Thirteen Denim's sock jean is Item of the Week.

These ingenious jeans from Thirteen Denim feature a built-in sock that eliminates baggy knees, bunched fabric, and–worst of all–broken zippers. The line comes in several fits and washes, and two different sock lengths for different boot heights. Everything you need, in other words, to keep on tuckin'.

Check out the collection online at thirteendenim.com. Now what would really be cool would be to wear those jeans without knee-high boots, like say with a pair of ballet flats. Knickers meets leg warmers! Trends collide!