The magical Venus razor

I am not a fan of disposable razors, they always seemed wasteful to me, and never very good. So a long time ago — before they made fancy razors for women — I started using Gillette men's razors. Over the years, I slowly upgraded until I was using the Gillette Mach 3. And I was happy. Until I left it in the shower on Nantucket last week. So I headed to Duane Reade for a new razor and for some reason decided now was the time to try a ladies' razor. The Gillette Venus looked nice and the handle appeared ergonomic and easy to manoveur, so without much thought I bought it. Then I shaved my legs with it.


What was I thinking using that crappy old Mach 3 for all those years? The Venus is AMAZING! Easy to control, nimble around the ankles, slick and fast up the calf, and above all, smooth! My legs haven't ever felt so smooth after a shave ever! I'm counting the minutes until I can shave again, that's how much I love this razor. It's a triple-mint, double-plus-good, two-thumbs up, five stars and diamonds razor. For sure.