The end of the jeans police

It has come to our attention here at NYC Jeans Police HQ that imminent layoffs may be required! According to this article from, The tide is high, "[m]idriff-exposing, thong-baring, low-riding jeans are finally finished." Though we here at HQ are shocked by the changing jeans current, and are certainly saddened by the prospect of releasing our highly-trained, devoted unit of officers, we must acknowledge fashion's fickle flow. The days of issuing tickets for exposed thongs may be over.

Is there any hope? What about our cadets in training? Fear not! We have spotted legions of women donning gaucho pants in the streets of Manhattan. It appears the estilo sudamericano (South American style, last seen in 1978) is in full swing in our fair borough. First panchos, then peasant skirts, now gauchos. What's next, the urban sombrero? Fear not, citizens of fashion, our forces will re-group to combat this newest clothing menance. And once again, the streets and subways will be safe.