Annoying things about giant sunglasses

Several things struck me in this New York Times article, Sophia? Is That You Behind the Shades?, about giant sunglasses, none having to do with the weaing of giant sunglasses themselves.

First it was the discovery that the house style at the Times is to spell New York's Nolita neighborhood, "NoLIta" which I guess makes sense (North of Little Italy) but sure looks ugly in print. Then it was the realization that "crème brûlée" was being used as an adjective to describe the color of someone's giant sunglasses. I object. Crème brûlée is a yummy dessert, and sounds far too affected when used as a color — unless you're a French chef with a limited command of the English language.

The final blow was the quote from a woman in the business who said, "People are loving theses shades because they make you look hoboish in a rich way[.]" You've got to be kidding, that sounds just like Derelicte to me! And what the hell is, "hoboish in a rich way"? I spent five hundred dollars on giant sunglasses and a peasant skirt but look like I slept on the street? Is that it? Sounds hoboish in a stupid way to me.