Dollhouse and clothes

Dollhouse and clothes

When I was little my mom and I built a dollhouse from a kit. Around seventh grade I got really into making stuff for the house, in particular hats and some clothing. My house spent the past 2o years in my grandparents’ attic but yesterday it finally found its new home here in Vermont. Eventually the kids will play with it. In the meantime, I poked around this AM and found all the old stuff and created this photoset to detail my millinery work. I see a new Etsy shop in my future!

Here’s the whole set of photos.

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  1. Oh memories — I was given a hand-me-down dollhouse at about 10, and a book about how to make dollhouse furniture from common household objects. For the next four or five years, I made and/or got for Christmas a household’s worth of stuff. My favorite is still the gigantic set of unglazed terracotta furniture my younger brother made me in 3rd grade art. They wouldn’t fit inside, so we declared them “patio furniture.”

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