Buying a camera from Digital eTailer

Now that my new camera, a Nikon Coolpix 995, has arrived safely, I can recommend the place I bought it from, Digital-eTailer. I was suspicious since I'd never heard of them and it was so cheap ($648, but it's now listed at $699). After I spoke with someone on the phone to "confirm" my web order (confirm meaning "we'll try to upsell you on all kinds of junk you don't need but it will be worth it to listen to our spiel for five minutes since the price you're paying is so much lower than anyplace else selling the camera online, and there's no tax, and you're getting free shipping because you bought two accessories, so see, it's not too bad to listen to some salesy rant now is it?"), the camera was on its way and arrived a little more than a week later. If you're looking for a new camera, you might want to try Digital-eTailer. Especially if you want the Nikon 995, since they had the lowest price (and if you buy by December 31, 2001 Nikon is offering a $100 rebate on it.)