Sweet water slide

On one of our best days in Mexico we made friends with another couple who had two kids close in age to ours. Their son was an excellent swimmer and after lots of beach time, we all headed to the pool. Once Ollie saw his friend go solo on the slide, he was up for it. Next thing you know, Ollie’s going down head first. Then sideways. Then feet first, lying down! We practically had to drag him from the slide after more than an hour. The water slide was awesome and this video shows a bit of the fun.

One thought on “Sweet water slide

  1. I think I recognize that water slide!
    My husband and I spent a long weekend at the Banyan Mayakoba (probably around the same time you were in Mexico come to think of it) and I think we might have encountered this slide during our exploration of nearby resorts?!?!
    Like you, my husband and I usually don’t stay at resorts. We love to travel and eat at local, off-the-beaten-path places. We even decided to host our wedding last August in a little city in Central Mexico. (A great decision, by the way–our guests said it was the most fun and best food they’ve ever had at a wedding.)
    That said, even though we don’t have children, we, too, answered the siren song of the resort this year. After such a long and hectic winter, it sounded really appealing to go somewhere warm and lazy. And, while I still largely prefer to explore the less-touristy places, I now also see the merits of spending some quality time drooling in the quiet comfort of a place like the Banyan tree.
    Anyway, it looks like Ollie had a blast. I’m sure he’ll have fond memories of the experience!

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