A serious return to blogging

I want to avoid any bold proclamations here, in case I totally find that I don’t want to be blogging again after all, but I will go so far as to say: I’m back! I missed relaunching by my blog’s birthday (11 years!) on May 2 but this is pretty close. The site’s been moved to a new host, a new design’s been applied, and I feel like it’s a fresh start. That’s what I’ve needed. At least, that’s what I’ve told myself. We’ll see if that was really the case.

Also there are some new posts below that you won’t have seen because I was kind of secretly blogging there for a while as I got the site fixed up and moved. So yeah. Don’t wanna get too meta so that’s it for now.

9 thoughts on “A serious return to blogging

  1. I’ve never read your blog but I googled breastmilk vegan. Wondering if it was and some how ended up on your blog. I started to read it & found where you were writing about Olie & the strawberry sneakers. I know just how you feel as I have a 4yr old son & 2 yr old daughter & while he’s “all boy” he often gravitates to the pretty girly things she has like bracelets (the plastic colored kind) and other such toys bought by her aunts & uncles while he seems to get the plain toys which in general he likes but let’s face it the others draw more attention. The point is, Vans makes costum made sneakers a bit pricey for me (a 1 income home) but thought you’d like to know although the smallest size is a 3.5 in boys (not toddlers) still you could always buy a canvas type shoe & let him make his own design with some paints 🙂 Best of luck…

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