34 Months

It’s getting hard to keep up with my monthiversary pictures and write-ups about the kids over at Flickr. It was kind of manageable with Ollie but now the dates sneak up on me before I realize it and by the time I get a photo (if I manage to snap one on the proper day) and write about it, the next month is upon me!

Also now I can compare Minna’s progress to Ollie’s at the same age, which has led to me getting concerned that Minna’s not as advanced as Ollie because she’s not trying to crawl and move about in nearly the same way he did. Of course she claps and sings to music in a way I don’t recall him doing at that age. So I guess I need to chill out and remember that each kid progresses at her own rate. Not only should I refrain from comparing my child to someone else’s, I shouldn’t compare my children to each other too much!