The let’s-wait-in-long-lines-for-a-cupcake trend has arrived…

Photo from the New York TimesThe let’s-wait-in-long-lines-for-a-cupcake trend has arrived in the West Coast. Cupcake shops are popping up all over Los Angeles, with many folks quitting their white-color jobs to open bakeries, even without food service experience. I can't say I love cupcakes enough to want to see anymore of this trend. Ice cream and pies are my passions, though shortcake (strawberry, blueberry) are high on my list these days too.

3 thoughts on “The let’s-wait-in-long-lines-for-a-cupcake trend has arrived…”

  1. speaking of ice cream, last month in Houston(TX) I had a wonderful bacon ice cream. sweet, savory, smooth crunchy, umami, the best of all possible worlds.
    a wonderful experience….AC

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