Lenny Kravitz doesn’t know shit about falafel

Lenny Kravitz doesn't know shit about falafel. There are several falafel take-out shops on the Rue des Rosiers in the Marais district of Paris. Since it's quite close to our apartment, I've had many falafels while I've been here. One place, "L'As du Falafel" sports a recommendation from Lenny Kravitz outside its door. But don't believe it (well feel free to believe it, the falafel was quite good), the falafel across the street (at the corner of Rue des Rosiers and Rue des Ecouffes) at "mi-va-mi" is even better. For €3.50 you can get a giant falafel to go, on fresh pita (made in-house) and every time I've gotten one, the falafels have been crispy, fresh and hot, with an almost creamy inside. It's filled with veggies too, and makes for a large, filling meal for even those with hefty appetites. I only finished one once. Best €3.50 you can spend for food, and it puts those dry, crumbly, American falafels to shame.