Au revoir, Paris!

Today is our last day in Paris, and I feel like there's so much we haven't done yet. It can't possibly be time to leave, and yet leave we must. New adventures beckon in New York City. I have a backlog of Paris-related posts I haven't had time to write or edit yet, so there should be a trickle of Paris into early December. Also, once I've got a faster (and cheaper) connection, I hope to post some photos. But for now, it's time for one final pain au chocolate, one final spin around the neighborhood, dodging dog poop, trying not to get run over by crazed scooter drivers, and taking in the sites of the Marais, the river, the islands, the Hôtel de Ville, and the Notre Dame. Then it's onto the RER and au revoir, Paris, à bientôt! 🙁