Bathroom self-portraits

megnut self-portrait, [february 28, 2002]I was ready to assemble a photo exhibit for posting here entitled, "SXSW Badge Photo Self-Portraits, Non-Qualifying Entries" but then several things happened. 1) I went to upload a photo and discovered that, "We are no longer accepting electronically-submitted photographs." 2) The series of photos looked too naked, posed, ego-y and conceited, or something along those lines to post. 3) Well that was about it, just those two things.

So instead I added some of the photos to my About page, since there aren't many current photos of me online (poor old webcam, when the software starts working again, or I reinstall it, I'll turn you back on.) My eyes are blue in real life, but they appear kind of green in these pictures due to the low light in my bathroom (scene of the portraits) and Photoshop auto level correction. And that's totally cool because I've always wanted green eyes, green being my favorite color and all.