Headed to the French Laundry

You may recall that I began a French Laundry Fund at the end of last year. It has been growing steadily (with $1 deposits nearly every day) and has reached the point where I was ready to call to attempt to procure a reservation. After twenty-five minutes of furious double-fisted phone dialing (cell phone in the left hand, land line in the right, hitting redial over and over and over), miracle of miracles, I got through! I was so panicked when I heard the ringing tone rather than the busy signal that I couldn't move for fear my cell phone would drop the call. More patience was required as I waited on hold for another six or so minutes, but now I am the very proud possessor of a dinner reservation at The French Laundry in May.

I'm so addled by the excitement of it all, I can't concentrate. I don't know how I'll get anything done today and I don't know how I'll be able to stand the wait!