About is the personal website of Meg Hourihan. Started in 1999 as an all-purpose blog, its focused switched entirely to food in May, 2006. In 2008 it returned to being a general blog, mostly about my life in New York raising my two kids, some tech thrown in, and food thoughts for good measure. Some times I talk about other things like travel.

I’m an internet entrepreneur and co-founded Pyra Labs, the company that produced Blogger. Pyra was acquired by Google in 2003. I also co-founded Kinja, an early news aggregation site. I’m the senior advisor to Serious Eats, recent recipient of the James Beard Foundation’s Best Food Blog award. Yay team! I’m between companies now and spend my time taking care of my two kids, Ollie and Minna.

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Now to answer some made up questions!

Who took that picture and what’s wrong with it?

It’s a self-portrait by me, in my bathroom, because I always seem to have self-portraits taken in my bathrooms as my profile pictures, going back to my San Francisco days. This time I applied some iPhone photo app filter to make it look Olde Tyme. Instead it looks like a black bug landed on my cheek. Yuck.

If you had to eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Front runner: steak tartare, my current obsession. Alternate choices: soft-boiled eggs, potato pancakes, a perfect BLT, fresh corn on the cob and strawberries from my grandpa’s garden. Come to think of it, steak tartare would lose its charm pretty quickly I think if I ate it every day.

Where’s your favorite place to travel?

That’s totally impossible to answer, because I love like ten places at once! But some of my favs are:

Vermont for skiing in the winter when the evergreens are all flocked with snow and the sun sparkles and you ride the chairlift all by yourself in the quiet stillness to the top of the mountain.

North-Central Massachusetts in late June, when the strawberries are ripe in my grandfather’s garden, the pond is just warm enough to swim in if you’re hot and sweaty from picking and jamming, and when you lie in bed with the windows open at night, you can hear the train whistle as it passes through the town in the valley down below.

Nantucket in August when the corn and tomatoes are ripe and water is just cool enough to swim for forty minutes in the surf before you get too cold, and then the sun is hot enough to warm you back up again.

Paris in May on a sunny day in the Jardin du Luxembourg with a rented sailboat and my son, just running back and forth, chasing the boat and pushing it away from the edge, again and again.

New York City on a long weekend when everyone’s out of town, and I “travel” around my neighborhood and it feels like a small village, with empty streets and just a few locals waving to each other, enjoying the relative silence and the beautiful day.

Can I email you and address you as “Megan”?

No. That’s not my name.

What if I want to email you and address you as “Meg”?

That’d be great, I’d be happy to hear from you. Please use

Where else can I keep up with you online?

Twitter. Flickr.


You’re welcome.