Watching the Leonid meteor showers

The Leonid meteor showers last night were totally cool, except that the fog flirted with our viewing area and finally rolled in for good around 2:30 am. I didn't notice of course, because by that point I was fast asleep. I just can't stay up late anymore, no matter how hard I try. But what I saw was amazing.

The meteors were big (at least to my eye), zipping across the sky with plumes that I swear were colored. Though other observers didn't concur, I thought I saw touches of red and green in the tails. At first the stars were really bright, and I wished I knew more constellations. Then the meteors began, zipping here and there, bright flashes in the sky. And then that stupid fog. And that cold damp air. And that sleepy sleepy feeling, even though I strove to keep my eyes open. Then our sky succumbed to the clouds and we decided to leave. But from the back seat of the car, I spotted one more glorious meteor, bursting across to the east above an open field as I drifted off in the warm cozy car, headed towards home.