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There's no excuse

There's really no excuse for the lack of posting, and for my utter failure to get my Link and Think post up on December 1, and my inability to get my Thanksgiving photos and menu online, and about a million other things. All I can say is that one thing led to another, and next thing I knew I was deep in a shame spiral, unable to face it all. But I'm back. Sort of. For a day or two. Then I'm off to Las Vegas for a long weekend for my dad's 60th birthday.

The shame is killing me.

Does a cat's memory last more than two weeks?

How long does a cat's memory last? I know it's close to two weeks because tomorrow will be two weeks since Thanksgiving. And that means two weeks since my cat Bodhi escaped out the back door in the kitchen and had some sort of life-transforming adventure down near the garbage chute. I surmise this because a) that's where I found him, downstairs next to the garbage chute alongside the garage and b) he incessantly meows by the back door and stands up on his hind legs and tries to jiggle the doorknob open.

Every day I hope that his memory will have faded, that he will content himself with sleeping on the sofa or playing with a toy. And every day he runs into the kitchen and begins his cries, long and low and mournful. What on earth is so tantalizing down alongside the garbage chute? And when oh when will he forget he ever experienced it?

Happy 60th birthday Dad!

Happy birthday Dad! Today is my father's 60th birthday so we've packed up the car and we're heading to Las Vegas to celebrate with some wonderful old family friends. I won't be updating until I return next week. Wish me luck at the tables! And the slots! And the video poker machines!

I've been around the world and back again

Woo whee, what a whirlwind weekend of travel: New York, Paris, Venice, Monte Carlo, and more! Well, almost. A trip to Las Vegas is almost as good as visiting the originals. Almost. Paris was my favorite new casino because the attention to detail was beyond what I'd expected after having visited New York New York. Down to the trash cans and the latches on the bathroom stalls, Paris was French to the core. I loved it, in its weirdly Vegas-does-Paris way. Also good was seeing family and friends, visiting the Hoover Dam, and hiking in the Valley of Fire. Downside: not winning millions while gambling. Granted, I only gambled $3.50 total, but still, I could have won something.

Warning: Girly Megnut Post Ahead

I'm not much of a makeup gal, but for some reason I bought this Calvin Klein Eye Color Wash in Rosewater at Sephora the other day, and I love it! It goes on a like a liquid but then quickly dries into a powdery shimmery coating over your eyelid. It's very faint and it doesn't look like bright pink eyeshadow, it just makes me appear more awake and it warms up my eyes just so. Just so = only I probably even notice I'm wearing the stuff. It comes in other neat looking colors as well. Two thumbs up from the megnut makeover dept.

Introducing the Megway

Are you looking for a "bold step forward in pedestrian science and engineering"? Look no further than the Megway Transporting Human. The secret (if you've been following the Danza/WHAT hype elsewhere) is out! They're talking about it over on MetaFilter too.

Big Red to the Big Rose Bowl

Yesterday I found it odd that I didn't have more to write upon my return from Vegas. Usually I have about twenty things I want to blab on and on about. Apparently I just plain forgot to mention this exciting news: Nebraska is going to the Rose Bowl! And Eric Crouch won the Heisman Trophy! Though I failed to mention it, and haven't talked much about Nebraska football this year, believe me, I am counting the days until January 3!! Go Big Red!!

A delicious soup for the cold winter weather

I added a new recipe to my cooking section, Lentil Soup. Though I've been cooking a lot, I haven't had time to write up the recipes for the more complicated stuff I've done (like the bûche de Noël I made for a Christmas party last week). I'll try to get to it this weekend. In the meantime, enjoy a tasty lentil soup now that the nights are cold.

Lentil Soup


8 c. vegetable broth†
1 large carrot, sliced diagonally
4 ripe tomatoes, peeled and crushed‡
1 c. lentil beans
1 large onion, quartered
1 c. chopped parsley
1 c. chopped cilantro
juice of 1 lemon
2 T. butter
2 T. flour
lemon wedges (for garnish)

Photos from our Vegas trip

My mom's got some pictures of our Vegas trip up on her site (no permalink, sorry, I'll get on her about that). This is the last time I'll have to send you elsewhere for pictures from one of my trips because I'm getting a new digital camera for Christmas! Yippee! I can't wait. Pretty soon it'll be all pictures all the time here on megnut. I don't think I've been this excited for a Christmas present since I got a bunch of furniture for my dollhouse in 1981. Honestly.

Megway is a Yahoo! Daily Pick

The Megway TH is a Yahoo! Daily Pick today. Next thing you know, everyone will be driving these things. Now if there were only some way I could make some money off this, I'd be all set.

The commonality between rap and blogging

Eric Norlin (of TDCRC "fame") posits that blogging and rap share a similar history in his TDCRC newsletter today.

Much like blogging, rap depended upon a long history, but somehow -- in an almost undescribable way -- seemed *different*. Oddly, no one could say why that was. No one outside of an anonymous 13 year old black boy in the poor neighborhoods of Brooklyn, whom ABC news captured saying, "not everyone can sing, but everyone can rap."

Certainly with weblogs we've seen that not everyone can write, but everyone can blog. I think he may be onto something with this analogy. It's the first one I've heard that actually works for me (unlike all the "they're diaries with links!" rubbish that's been tossed about.) It captures the empowerment of the voiceless and the disenfranchised, the simplicity of the format, and the ability to circumvent the traditional means of doing it (recording contracts and big labels, New York Times and major media, etc. for blogs) I hope he follows up with some more thoughts on this topic.

Cool dictionary of sub phrases

For no other reason than because it's cool: Diving and Surfacing Phraseology for Submarines. I stumbled upon this by accident today while searching for images of Christmas trees. Apparently the "hull opening indicator panel" on a sub is also called a Christmas Tree. Just reading the list of terms brings back Das Boot (which you should go see right this second, I really mean it, if you haven't already.)

Another pay raise for Congress

I've been avoiding talking about the current political (and economic and job) situation(s) here lately because it's got me in such a funk. With the attacks on India, the total disintegration of any kind of process in Israel, the executive privilege Bush is invoking and Ashcroft in general, I find myself bereft of hope when I think of it all. Add to that this tidbit that I didn't see in my usual news perusals of the past few days: Members of Congress set for $4,900 pay raise. You'd think in the middle of a recession and a war, with the budget surplus evaporated and unemployment on the rise, that Congress could forgo a raise this year (it "will be the third congressional pay raise in the last four years.") After all, isn't that what most people are doing, if they're lucky enough to have jobs? ('Round here you can't even get a job doing HTML for a porn site for $18/hr.) Guh. This stuff makes me sick.

Introducing our new tree!

victorian christmas treeWe went and got our Christmas tree last night at the local tree lot near our house. It was pretty cold outside, nearly enough give it the authentic "going to get the tree" feel I remember from childhood, but not quite. My toes didn't freeze as we walked the rows looking for that perfect tree (not dried out, strong scent, full fat shape with no visible trunk through the branches) and my hands didn't get cold as I pulled out trees to inspect them more closely. After ten minutes of searching, we found our candidate. I had a good feeling about him almost immediately.

He was new to the lot, just delivered. A little under 6', he was full nearly up to the top, then had a small gap, then a burst of branches. At the top, a long branch reached skyward, perfect for holding the star. Every year I have a very emotional connection to my Christmas tree. It's almost as if each tree has a personality of its own, and when I find the one I like, we're fast friends. This year is no different, and my heart warms as I look at him sitting in the bay window, patiently awaiting the lights and decorations that will come this evening. (Pictures to follow when my new camera arrives.)

My results from the Political Compass test

I enjoyed taking this Political Compass test, though it revealed I'm more liberal economically than I thought. I'm way out in "left" field, scoring -6.00 economic and -6.77 authoritarian. [via Nick]

Party megway

I went to this ridiculous (but fun) party on Saturday night that was something straight out of 90210. We started by asking a man wearing a baseball hat, on the corner of Mission and 5th, where the "holiday party" was. He sent us to another man in front of the Gap at the cable car turnaround at Powell and Mission. Once we gave the Gap guy the password ("sick" or maybe it was "Sikh"?), he directed us down the street to a third location, where we found an abandoned-looking door. Once opened, it revealed a "happening" party within, complete with DJ's and lights. I haven't felt so silly in a very long time. The party wasn't too bad though, and the highlight of the evening occurred as my friend Sylvia and I made our way through the crowd. Some guys stops me and says,

"Don't I know you?"

I look at Syl, who rolls her eyes.

"Um, I don't think so," I say (as if this wholly unoriginal pick-up line is actually going to work.)

"No really, I think I do. Your name is Meg."

Odd. I don't recognize him at all. How could he know me?

"Huh, you don't look familiar to me," I say.

Suddenly his eyebrows raise and he smiles.

"Megway! You're the Megway!"

Oh. Good. Lord.

Feeling nutty

Some days I feel like a nut. Some days I don't.

Living other lives elsewhere

There are several sites whose authors possess the lives I would like to live. Dean Allen's Textism is one of them. France? Snow? Glace de Viande? Everything he writes makes his life in France sound so magical, so counter to my own dull existence. It all sounds so delicious to me that I'll even put up with the vegetarian slights. If I were to move to the South of France, would my life be as dreamy? Perhaps it's all in the telling of the tale.

Viewing the dirctor's cut of Dances with Wolves

Last week I watched the director's cut of Dances with Wolves on Bravo. (Unfortunately, the director's cut doesn't seem to be available on DVD.) I haven't seen too many "director's cut" versions of movies with which I am so familiar, so this was an interesting experience. I was acutely aware of all the new scenes and dialogue, and it was amazing how just a few scenes changed the whole movie for me.

If you remember the movie, you'll recall that when Lt. Dunbar (Kevin Costner) arrives at the fort, it's abandoned and he doesn't know why. I always found that particularly creepy, wondering what had happened to the men, and wondering if a similar fate would befall Lt. Dunbar. (Did they starve? Desert? Get killed by native Americans?) In the director's cut there's an additional scene showing men at the fort who pack up and desert because their reinforcements never arrive. The addition of that one scene changed the balance of the film for me. Now I as the viewer had more knowledge than Costner's character, so I wasn't equal with him. I couldn't share in his fear nearly as much. And that changed the experience of viewing the film for me, if that makes sense, which it may not since I seem to be sucky at writing these days and unable to express myself effectively. My apologies.

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