The Good and The Bad of 2001

So everywhere people are writing about how bad 2001 was, and everyone I talk to keeps saying, "This was the worst year ever, I'm so glad it's over!" And while I agree it's been a difficult year for many folks, myself included, I like to be more optimistic. Rather than focus solely on the bad, I decided I'd write a list of the good things that happened to me in 2001 as well. So I present my "The Good and The Bad of 2001" list (I thought adding "The Ugly" would be too much.)

2001: The Good 2001: The Bad
Didn't have a nervous breakdown Had to walk away from my company, Pyra, to prevent it
Wonderful trip to Paris and Antwerp in the spring Got laid off from work upon my return
Landed interesting contract project quickly after layoff Project went kaput days before Sept. 11
I only know 1 person killed in the attacks I still cry when I think about Sept. 11 and everyone who was less fortunate
Exciting trips to Berlin and DC for conferences Still unemployed
Blogger is still running and growing I'm no longer a part of it
The year is over The year has no chance to redeem itself

Please have a happy and safe new year's celebration and I'll see you in 2002!