The Make It Do Project

Last year I attended Maggie Mason’s Camp Mighty, and part of the conference activities were to work on our life lists (aka bucket lists). One thing I had on there was “buy nothing for 1,2 or 3 months”. (I wasn’t able to commit to how long I needed to go without buying stuff.) Anyway, since November my thinking’s changed and I decided that 2012 would be a year of buying nothing for myself.

I’ve launched a site to document my year of “making do” with what I’ve got: Make It Do. You can follow my progress there as I try and I’ve also set up @makeitdo on Twitter. There’s also more information about how I envision this year actually going, and some guidelines, etc. Wish me luck!

(Alas this means I’ll be posting more online, I hope, but probably not a whole lot more here. Poor Megnut, you’re a beloved blog that deserves better than this!)

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