A brand new bike

A boy and his bike
Last weekend Ollie got his first “pedal bike”, as he calls it. Every day he just wants to ride ride ride. Looking forward to the long days of summer to do just that with him.

5 thoughts on “A brand new bike

  1. p.s unrelated, but….a few posts back you were talking about your reading of all the archives, and being depressed about it. I was a reader back in the 2002’s and onward, and I really really enjoyed megnut. It was the first blog I looked for when I started blogging again last year. Anyhoo, we all grow and change and what an amazing record of that!

  2. Our daughter turns 4 at the end of June and is in the market for a new bike – what size wheels are on Ollie’s bike?

  3. @Andrea Thanks, glad to hear you’ve been reading so long, and are still reading!
    @Michael These are 16″ wheels, but Ollie’s nearly 42″ tall, so we went with the bigger bike. You might want to look at 12″ as well, depending on her height and bike experience. Ollie rode a Skuut Balance Bike for a year before this.

  4. I would suggest ditching the training wheels ASAP. I have taught several kids to ride a bike and the training wheels – which are supposed to help with balance and stability – actually have the opposite effect such as teeter-tottering. Seriously, endure a couple of spills and the kid will be riding on his own with great confidence.

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