Hidden in our food supply

Great video below from Robyn O’Brien speaking at TEDxAustin about untested GMOs in our food supply. While most of the information was familiar to me, it reminded me once again why I shop and cook the way I do for myself and my family.

There are two old-time meat stores in my neighborhood and I prefer to buy my meat there rather than Whole Foods. But it’s not organic or grass-fed. So those beef cows are most likely being fattened on a fed lot with genetically modified corn. The talk got me thinking about that, and wondering what to do. Stop supporting the butcher whose craft is disappearing? Ask him to buy grass-finished beef? Why has eating gotten so complicated?

4 thoughts on “Hidden in our food supply

  1. It has occurred to me that supporting a merchant — small or big, local or multinational — who is selling something people don’t want to buy is ultimately not doing him any favors.

  2. If you do ask him about grass-fed beef, I’d love to know what he says. Maybe he doesn’t think he’d sell enough, and would love to hear you’d buy it.
    Eating is getting complicated! We’re just beginning to move from an Aristotelian grasp of nutrition (or perhaps Copernican?) to what may be a Newtonian era — that is, getting a hold of first principles that are not likely to be overturned. I blame Ancel Keys.

  3. You are clearly describing a situation where new knowledge imposes new responsibilities. Now that you are aware of the disconnect between the corner butcher meat and your desires, you have to address it.
    I’m in favor of sharing your thoughts with the local guy; perhaps a CSA model or similar could lay off some his risk in bringing in an organic supply of beef and allow both of you test the waters.

  4. I’m guessing you know the book ‘The 100 mile diet’? If not go look it up, it might appeal to you.

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