A rest on West Broadway, Soho, NYC

A rest on West Broadway, Soho, NYC

A beautiful spring day in New York and after doing some errands, I let Minna out of the Ergo carrier. She walked all the way from Spring and Wooster to Prince, walked down Prince to West Broadway and made it halfway up the block to Houston St before was sat for this nice rest. She was so happy to be out walking the streets and every time she saw a dog she squealed and pointed and said, "Dog!!!" And of course every time someone passed her they smiled and waved and pointed at this tiny little person, holding my hand, wobbling along the streets of the city.

One thought on “A rest on West Broadway, Soho, NYC

  1. Lovely lovely lovely. I used to read your blog a decade ago nearly. Many many things have changed for you!!
    I just read your children/0ld books post – I re-read ‘Swallows & Amazons’ where kids are out camping and sailing by themselves as well which seems like madness. But the nice thing is, although the imagination plays a part in those stories – in country here in Aus’ kids still get out and about and explore more, like the tribe of kids playing on the street with chalk yesterday, and the ‘tadpoling’ we used to do when I was a kid…Some towns are still small enough and safe enough, and not all windows and doors get locked, and you can go camping in the forest – if the forest is your property or backyard.

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