All the Caldecott Medal Winners on Amazon

Time_of_wonder I love giving books as presents and lately I’ve been really into older children’s books (more on this in another post) so I figured someone had a list on Amazon of all the Caldecott Medal Winners, right? Easy ordering for all your gift-giving needs! But I only found a Caldecott Winners Gallery 2010 to 1971. So I created a list of the rest: Caldecott Medal Winners 1938-1970.

Looking back at the covers was especially fun, as I had many of the winners from the seventies and had forgotten all about them! And the illustration/design time-travel scrolling through the covers is fascinating too.

6 thoughts on “All the Caldecott Medal Winners on Amazon

  1. Just remember that the Caldecott Medal is for illustrations, so some of these books are not very well-written.

  2. I never realized that but you’re right! I just checked and it’s “to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children.” I always thought it was just best picture book. Well the art is good, and the stories, at least the older books, are really good from what I’ve read. Thanks for pointing this out. Are there any that should really be avoided?

  3. Here are the Newbery Awards from 2007-1968 listed on Amazon. I’m realizing why I didn’t distinguish between the two awards properly. These are definitely “big kids” books that I read when I was older, so I always though the Caldecott was just for younger kids books. Anyway, tons of great ones in this list too, for your bigger kid or kids who like to sit and be read to. I loved so many of these as a kid! Thanks Mamacita!

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