On oversized baby hairs

I keep a list of things I want to write about on this site because I’ve had lots of ideas lately but not always the time to write the whole post. I recently came across this note to myself: “Babies so hairy length of body hair programmed for adult scale human.” I don’t recall what prompted this thought, maybe I discovered a giant hair on Minna? I guess it makes sense but really it’s not seeming like something I feel like writing a whole lot more about. So if you have a baby and find him or her covered in long hair, just think about how that hair follicle is designed to grow a grown-up sized hair, and that some day it will seem normal.

One thought on “On oversized baby hairs

  1. Haha–yes, I often find just a phrase jotted in a notebook and wonder what it was for. I see this from last month: “As the guests trailed our, I heard the sofa softly weeping in the corner.”

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