Trouble with sunscreen

My hate-love relationship with sunscreen has taken a turn back to hate. Until I discovered Neutrogena’s Sport Sunblock (and then their UltraSheer) I simply couldn’t stand the stuff. But oh Neutrogena! It was weightless, it didn’t even feel like you were wearing anything. For years I slathered myself happily and regularly.

Recently my father sent me a link to the Environmental Working Group’s Sunscreen Guide. And I discovered that my beloved sunscreen had a terrible rating! Worse, I felt horrible about putting it on my kids. So I bit the bullet and switched to some brands they recommended, all of which use physical barriers (as opposed to chemical) to block the sun’s rays. Guess what? YUCK. I applied sunscreen yesterday morning and I swear I’m still coated in the stuff! It does not budge, not even with a loofa and body wash scrub-down.I’m totally bummed because I know this is “better” but the other stuff was so nice! Once I’m done breast-feeding I’m tempted to switch back.

6 thoughts on “Trouble with sunscreen

  1. Nature’s Gate Kids’ Mineral SPF 20 does not have this problem, in my experience. Though last year’s Neutrogena mineral sunscreen was the best ever; even the tube was nice.

  2. The physical blocks can also be difficult to apply compared to the chemical blocks.
    Did you check the same EWG website for the rating of your body wash? You might be undoing any benefit!
    This Lavera spray (physical block) goes on pretty well compared to others:

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  4. I did the same thing, and (1) I’m not really wearing sunscreen except when absolutely necessary and (2) am definitely switching back when I wean the baby. Hate the film. I hate it for my preschooler, too, although I will keep using it on him, because it’s a dirt magnet. I feel like I cannot get him clean. Ugh.

  5. Bare Essentials has a mineral sunscreen — a powder you brush on, no gunkiness, no sticky feeling. I have no problem putting it on my ears and my husband loves that it protects his bald spots without greasing his hair. Active ingredient is titanium dioxide and there is no talc.

  6. Okay, this is a response to two similar posted blogs about safety issues. Badger 30 was detestable, in my opinion, though top choice of EWG. I prefer shade and an occasional (3 times this summer) Shisedo coating. Next, my husband is an organic nut. He has determined that most organic products from Trader Joes are from China and the standards are not acceptable. He is not happy with Whole Foods either. He grows lots of our food but then we eat out and travel a lot, so…you can only control a little bit. GOOD LUCK. Hope your pine nut mouth never comes back. P.S. I love seeing photos of your kids.

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