Catching razor clams

I’ve dug/raked for my fair share of shellfish (oysters, steamers, littlenecks and mussels) but I’d never harvested razor clams. I’ve seen their shells all over the beaches, but until a few years ago never realized people ate them. Then I had them roasted with butter and garlic at St. John’s in London and fell in love! While reading my new Forgotten Skills of Cooking I learned a simple way to catch razor clams: pour salt in their hole and watch them wriggle out!

That’s crazy! I can’t wait to try it! Also if anyone knows a good source for buying razor clams in New York City, please let me know. I want to start eating them more regularly.

3 thoughts on “Catching razor clams

  1. these are all over china town, just look for one with fresh looking stock and voila!

  2. I’ve bought them at a the farmers market as well. they should only be bought alive. If you touch their foot it should retract.

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