Day One in Paris

I can't decide if this picture of Ollie:

Serious Ollie

Or this one of Minna:

Argh! 'Tis yogurt I be eatin'

is a better memory of our first day in Paris. Either way, I love them both because both show the kids out and about at restaurants being really well behaved! Ollie waited so patiently for his chocolat chaud and only spilled a small amount of it over the course of many pourings of melted chocolate and steamed milk into his cup. And Minna was so hungry by the time we got to this restaurant but she gobbled her yogurt and smiled and was so pleasant. A miracle! Of course now that I've written about it we'll never have a decent meal out again. But at least we had Day One in Paris!

2 thoughts on “Day One in Paris

  1. I think it is *adorable* that Minna must have a passport. How soon after her birth did she get one? Do baby passports last for ten years?

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