Since I missed so much…

Since I missed so much stuff over the summer, you can expect some out-of-season links to appear over the next few weeks. Like this one: Maine may have lobsters, but if you’re looking for the quintessential fried clams, head straight to Massachusetts. I've been craving fried clams for ages and reading Peter Meehan's article about juicy Essex clams has sent me over the edge. Next time I visit Boston, I'm heading straight to Woodman's.

11 thoughts on “Since I missed so much…

  1. I just got back from a week in Wellfleet, where I ate more steamers, fried clams, hard shells every-which-way, and oysters on the half shell than I care to recollect. So, so good.
    When you make it up to Woodman’s mind the clam fritters–such a tempting idea, such a hard recovery.

  2. Every now and then I catch myself daydreaming about a plate of fried clams or steamers at Woodman’s, eaten at the picnic tables out back overlooking the marshes late on a Sunday afternoon….

  3. Makes me glad I live up here in Essex County! Woodman’s is fantastic.. there are definitely some hidden jewels up here. Russell Orchard is close by and is an excellent places for locally grown produce and apple picking (and hot cider donuts!) It is beautiful up here in the fall. I highly recommend a visit.

  4. Try Woodman’s sure. But when you’re done, head a little further down 113 and go to Farnham’s. Woodman’s and Farnham’s both lay claim to being the inventor of the fried clam(!). Personally, I’m a Farnham’s gal. Be happy to take you there the next time you’re in town.

  5. Woodman’s is my choice. A special highlight for folks with food intolerance issues is that they use only cornmeal and no flour, so it’s safe for celiacs to eat there (folks who can’t eat gluten). Their french fries have no coating (as most fries do) and they’re done in a dedicated fryer so even someone with a milk allergy can eat them (a rare occurrence!).
    Can you tell I have a child with some food issues?? =-) I always have to call ahead to places to see if we can eat there — what a rare joy when we can!

  6. The best fried clams I’ve ever had were at a shack on the beach in Provincetown called Mojo’s.

  7. Ooooh, I don’t know. Massachusetts has decent fried clams, but there’s nothing like Flo’s Clam Shack a few miles south of MA in Newport, Rhode Island. But then, I find the big-bellied clams kinda…ew. Also, don’t miss the authentic ‘Rhode Island style’ clam chowder, which has a clear broth base, not a cream/milk base. For hardcore clam lovers.

  8. So nice to see the Mass folks out in force! 🙂 My hub and I spent a lovely afternoon last week at both Russell Orchards and Woodmans, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm to both. Perfect blue sky, picnic table, Chubby’s Original plate (I didn’t even eat any of the fries or onion rings, the clams were so great!), and a side of corn on the cob — thoughtfully served with a little tub of drawn butter, yuh-um. A quick stop at the White Elephant antiques outlet, and then on down the road to Russells — great apples, donuts, and fruit wines, plus they run the hayrides on biodiesel fuel…from the donut machine! WOO!
    Hope the megnutke clan gets to partake sometime soon… 🙂

  9. Mmmm….Woodman’s! There’s nothing I like better than a morning at Crane Beach, lunch at Woodamn’s, and then ice cfream or cider donuts at Russel Orchards. And…as a bonus Russel Orchards runs their tractors on Biodiesel from the oil they use to fry the donuts—now that’s gotta be a good smelling tractor! Hmmm…just had a thought…they should really hook up with Woodman’s for the fried clam and onion ring grease!
    FYI, the clam cakes at Woodman’s are terrific–not sure how they compare to Flos since it’s impossible to do a side-by-side taste test of hot fresh clamcakes. Woodman’s also has excellent lobster rolls–$19.95 of pure pleasure on a hot dog bun!

  10. I had the pleasure of traveling around America this summer and made a point of calling into Woodman’s. Being an Irish girl, I was very excited about lobster not costing half a month’s wages! But I was really disappointed. I had been to Woodman’s about 10 years ago and remember an amazing meal but this summer I had an overcooked lobster, and my boyfriend had steamers that were full of black grit.
    Saying that, my onion rings were delicious and the clam chowder there was one of our favourite we tasted anywhere.
    My favourite lobster dish was a gorgeous roll I had in West Freeport right by the water. It was perfectly tender and so tasty. Happy memories.

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