Two ears long


Ollie has been growing at a tremendous rate, and he's now as long as two ears of late summer sweet corn. Will he be as round as a pumpkin by Halloween? Only time will tell.

13 thoughts on “Two ears long

  1. Ollie is just a few days older than my baby, Lyra. The amazing thing about the internet is that you can watch two children grow up together, who may never ever meet.

  2. He is so very cute. I love the pictures!! I’m newly pregnant (just past my first trimester thank goodness) and loved your post about eating as a pregnant woman. People can seriously make you crazy!

  3. Adorable! I always consider the weight of friend’s babies against that of my cats, but now I will consider their their height against food.

  4. Heh. While I was pregnant, I got updates from on fetal development and each week seemed to bring a new food analogy: “Your baby is now the length of a string bean!”, “This week, your growing baby should be about the size of a small orange,” etc. Happy growing to Ollie!

  5. He is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy every messy moment because the next thing you know it he may not appreciate being called beautiful (or being kissed rapturously for that matter :).

  6. too cute, meg. i have a lovely pumpkin costume for an ollie size baby that will be just right by halloween. will send through mutual friend sasha w or some other safe intermediary.

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