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So, did you see Ratatouille over the weekend? What did you think? I went again on Saturday and enjoyed it just as much the second time around, especially because I noticed many more details this time, like the cuts and burns on all the cooks’ arms and the skull stylings of Ego’s typewriter. It sure made me want to go to Paris too! And if the movie wasn’t enough for you, YouTube’s got some great stuff to check out, including this really cool interview with Pixar folks about Cooking up CG Food, explaining how they made all the food in the movie look so realistic and yummy. Here’s the YouTube Ratatouille page with all the videos.

17 thoughts on “So, did you see…

  1. I did! What a fantastic, fantastic movie! I’ve been looking forward to this from the first preview a year ago, and it met my extremely high expectations!

  2. It’s so adorable, and I loved it. Classic pixar It’s so adorable, and I loved it. Classic pixar

  3. I loved it! I’d love to see it again. I have to say, it’s now my favorite Pixar movie. I loved how Ego’s room was shaped like a coffin and yeah, I noticed the skull like typewriter, too.

  4. In addition to finding myself longing for Paris, I also discovered I wanted a set of copper pans! That kitchen was gorgeous!

  5. Thanks to your review of the preview, I went. Wonderful! I was hungry when I left, though…
    (Did anyone hear Patton Oswalt on Terry Gross?)

  6. I just noticed a detail from the picture above that I hadn’t caught even when I posted it: Remy’s made two different sized omelettes! The one he’s serving is human-sized for Linguini, the one on the plate is a smaller rat-sized omelette for himself. Perfect!

  7. I’ll risk blasphemy by saying that some of the dialogue felt a bit cliched, which I would never expect from a Pixar film. But the animation was so amazing, and the characters were so real, that I would still highly recommend it, and I do plan on seeing it again before it leaves theaters.
    My favorite bits were the way the animators visualized taste sensations, particularly the way they animated Ego’s reaction to his first taste of the ratatouille. Pure genius.

  8. I’ve been looking forward to it forever, but I’m waiting for my daughter to return from the beach before I go. I promised her!
    I’ve loved this director ever since Iron Giant . . .

  9. loved it! the animation was incredible-i cant get over the light source, the wet rat hair [eww but cool], the food. brad bird is amazing.

  10. Adorable movie. I really enjoyed it, but, like Meesha, I’ll also risk blasphemy… I was not happy with a few specific details of the character developement of both Remy and Linguini though I am loathed to say more as I don’t want to give any spoilers. (Should I say more?) As a result, I only really *liked* Ratatouille, which is disappointing because I really wanted to *love* the movie. These vague criticisms aside, I do recommend it. The kitchen scenes were tremendous fun to watch, and the food critic Anton was fabulous!

  11. I find that the bread and butter of kids’ animations (which are also made to entertain the adults there) are specifically, the clichés and double entendre.
    I agree that I wish we were given more on the human characters, they’re introduced very quickly, but I think that’s because we’re falling into this world as precipitously as Remy is. I also wish I knew more about Remy, not because they failed to develop his character, but because the story and it’s portrayal was so beautiful, I already want more, wished it was twice as long, which is of course not reasonable. I am seeing it again and buying the DVD when it comes out 🙂

  12. Actually one thing that did annoy me was that Linguini and Remy (and the other rats) didn’t have even a shade of a French accent, yet they were just as French as the others. This is a compromise made for marketing purposes I guess…

  13. I have to go back and look for the little details you mentioned!
    Ego was a particularly intriguing character.
    The animation was amazing in this movie…
    I also loved the myriad of timeless messages in this movie.
    Wonderful story telling!

  14. my three-year-old loved it. it was a shame about all the american accents, but i guess it is an american film!

  15. What I think a lot of people don’t seem to realize is the miracles of engineering that Pixar’s showing you onscreen. Like the scene in the sewer with all the water. Unbelievable.

  16. I saw the rushes recently when i went for Harry Potter screening. It definitely looked a yummy movie.

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