Deborah Coleman/Pixar Over the…

Deborah Coleman/Pixar
Deborah Coleman/Pixar
Over the weekend there was a sneak preview of Ratatouille in New York City and my husband and I were lucky enough to snag tickets. Oh how I wish it were out already in the theater, because then I could go see it again! I think it's my favorite Pixar film yet, and if you have any interest in food, or France, or animation, I think you'll agree. Jason's written an excellent review on his site to which there's very little I can add. As usual, Pixar's loaded its film with commentary on contemporary culture. There's some great stuff on chefs as brands and the nature of criticism. And for those of us in NYC, rats in the restaurant kitchen couldn't be a more current topic. Ratatouille opens June 29.

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  1. I’m looking forward to this film. I love animation in general, Pixar particularly, and add cooking? Heaven!
    I’m going to see it next Tuesday at the Pixar screening room (My company sold some computing equipment to them, so we got passes.)

  2. Lucky! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and come back and let us know what you think! Any one else lucky enough to catch a screening?

  3. I caught a sneak preview as well – in Georgia, though – and there were two things in particular that made this movie for me – the way they captured tiny kitchen details (all of the cooks had tiny burn marks on their wrists, and although no one referred to them directly, anyone who has had one would recognize them) and the fact that there really weren’t any Big Name Actors doing the voice work. Instead, they opted for talented people who had done voice work before and understand that there is a difference between acting with your body, and with simply your voice.
    Between the two, it made for both a great kitchen movie, and a great movie.
    I don’t know about your screening, but it was revelatory to me to see the big laugh come from the critic’s reaction to the signature dish… THAT is what food can do. Should do.
    When should we go for a second viewing?

  4. I remember reading about Ruhlman’s reaction to Thomas Keller’s oyster, tapioca and caviar dish at the French Laundry, which was to laugh out loud. Yeah, the best food can do that.
    Isn’t it interesting how so many high end restaurants have a number of dishes like “mac and cheese”, which aren’t, to be sure, elbows in bechamel, but re-interpreted versions of classic comfort food. Keller’s tapioca pudding was like that.

  5. I went to a sneak preview too! And loved it! Can’t wait to see it again…I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the burn marks.

  6. My wife and I also caught the sneak preview and we both loved it. The story was well thought out and we engaging 95% of the way thru… It got a little long in the middle, but that might have been that that LARGE Cherry Coke I drank talking to me… 🙂

  7. I saw a small portion shown on TV. I loved how the rat just couldn’t resist making the blah soup better. The motion of his hands as he threw in spices and then how he gathered the odor using his hands to guide it to his nose were so sweet. I think anyone who like to cook will love this film.

  8. I got to see this last night in the Pixar screening room. What a delightful movie, packed with fun stuff for foodies!

  9. Did everyone got into sneak previews…?!?
    Managed to find a lot of material online, and I can’t wait to see it.

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