In these isolated times, people…

In these isolated times, people yearn to break bread with neighbors. Communal tables are all the rage at Bay Area restaurants. Though the article points to NYC's Asia de Cuba as the trendsetter, I can't say communal tables are all the rage here. Of course, most tables are packed so close together in Manhattan that it seems like you're sitting with the folks next to you anyway.

3 thoughts on “In these isolated times, people…

  1. I have to say I do not “yearn” for a communal table with strangers when I go out — which I am usually doing for the specific purpose of connecting with one person or celebrating something special with many.

  2. The only place I’ve ever had communal fun in Manhattan—and it’s happened serveral times, eating solo and with my kids—has been at the two-sided counter at Momofuku.
    Maybe because everyone’s in such a good mood… because they’re eating at Momofuku?

  3. Momofuku Ssm Bar has a two-sided counter as well, and two tables towards the back that are communal if your party isn’t large. And Le Pain Quotidien, a chain that’s popping up all over lower Manhattan these days, has communal tables. But I haven’t really seen them anyplace else.
    And I’m with you MG, I’m not sure I really want communal tables, at least, not often. I’d have to be in the right mood and ready for it. I don’t care to have them thrust upon me.

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