Marco Pierre White never wanted three stars

Marco Pierre White Photo: Drew Gardner/eyevine/Zuma PressWhen I won my three stars, I realized that I'd worked for something all my life that I'd never wanted. Marco Pierre White talks about why he left the kitchen, about the American food scene and molecular gastronomy, and what happens when chefs keep their name on the door but no longer work behind the stove.

Does the quality suffer?

It can't be the same, can it? … I just think when you've got three stars, it's an issue of principle. Your name is above the door, you've got to be there. But that's me. We're all different.

I've never been a big Marco Pierre White fan but this interview was pretty interesting. I'm a sucker for tales of wisdom and experience and finding balance.

3 thoughts on “Marco Pierre White never wanted three stars

  1. You probably would be a MPW fan if you read his lovely recipe for lemon (curd) pie in White Heat. I’ve memorised it. It’s the lemon curd pie I always make, and it’s the one that literally makes folks silent with wonder and enjoyment.
    That’s Marco Pierre White – very pure, very right on.

  2. Ooh, I’ll have to try that. I’ve never made lemon curd pie in my life, but it sounds very tasty. Thanks for the tip.

  3. speaking of, i made this exact tart from my copy of white heat for mother’s day a few weeks ago.
    i wasn’t very impressed with the end product, (no doubt it had everything to do with my cooking) too heavy for my taste. 9 eggs seemed 3 too many to me.

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