Link sources for you while I’m gone

I'm heading on vacation tomorrow so you're going to have to do your own food blogging for the week. To help you get your fill of food tidbits and news, I recommend checking the following sites:

There's a little widget on my sidebar now for Serious Eats that helps you keep track of the conversation over there. It updates whenever there's a new comment in the Talk area. If you'd like to add this widget to your website, here are some instructions to do so.

Buzzfeed, my favorite site you're probably not reading, has a category for food: New Food Buzz. Not a ton of updates yet, but check it out. There are lots of food trends afoot!

Cooking & Food tips from Daytipper, a new site that allows people to submit tips on various topics. The food ones could be useful.

Food & Drink questions at Ask Metafilter. An easy way to share your knowledge and learn from the community.

I'm sure I've missed some others, so I'm going to try an experiment here: I'm going to open comments and let you share links with each other while I'm gone. Basically you guys can do the blogging on Megnut for the week right here. I look forward to checking out what you've uncovered when I return on February 12th. Happy blogging!

5 thoughts on “Link sources for you while I’m gone

  1. Meg, thanks for all the great links and tips. Expert writing. A very long time reader. Since your tenure in SF.

  2. here is another interesting site! Its all about a chef who cooks for billionaires and posts videos from their superyachts! Very creative cooking and a way to see how the other half live!

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