Attempt at a salmon sandwich

Canned salmonThe other day I wrote about eating less fish, Less fish and more cow in my belly, and I decided I'd try and eat more salmon. Canned wild salmon seemed like a good idea for lunch, and so I began dreaming of the salmon sandwiches I'd create. Over the weekend I went to Whole Foods and bought two cans of wild salmon, some fresh dill, a nice loaf of whole wheat bread, and a red onion. And today I set out to make my delicious salmon sandwich!

Step one: open can of canned salmon with can opener. Step two: remove lid. Step three: recoil in horror!! Ewwww!! What is this? Skin! Lots of salmon skin! I don't mind salmon skin when it's been seared nice and crisp in a pan, but I sure don't want it all gummy and slimy in my salmon sandwich! And wait, what's this?! Bones! BONES!! And not just pin bones, but like, a slice of the salmon's spine! Right in the can! It is so gross-looking and smelly that I can hardly bear to taste a small skin-free bone-free nibble.

Also: it looks like cat food. In fact, it looks worse than cat food. In fact, it is worse than cat food! My cat came into the kitchen when he heard the can opener, hoping for some early dinner. After I decided there was no way I was making my sandwich, I put the bowl down on the floor. Someone should eat this, I figured. After one tentative sniff and bite, the cat decided it would not be he, and he walked away.

Meat-in-belly Meg: 1
Salmon-in-belly Meg: 0