Less fish and more cow in my belly

The New York Times examines what's going on with the 'contaminants in fish' advice that's been coming out lately, Advisories on Fish and the Pitfalls of Good Intent. I think they're talking about me!

SHOPPING for fish these days is fraught with confusion. There is so much contradictory information about what is safe and what isn't. Some nutritionists are worried that people will throw up their hands and choose steak instead.

Yup, that's me! I used to eat tons of fish, but I've really cut back. Partly because I tired of salmon all the time, and partly because I read that farmed salmon and white tuna were dangerous for women of child-bearing age. I eat some wild salmon when I can find it, but in general my fish consumption has declined. And I'm eating a lot more red meat. Of course, that doesn't really mean a lot of red meat, just a lot more than I used to. Now I have it maybe three times a week, max. And boy, is it good! So sorry nutritionists, I'll try and eat canned wild salmon sandwiches for lunch from now on!