Hiking Europe in style

I'm always in search of a good outdoor adventure, so when I saw this article in the New York Times, Hikes in Europe, With Your Boots on the Ground and Your Bed Above It, my feet felt ready to ramble. Alas, the article details guided trips that are rather expensive and not my cup of tea. But the article is still useful as a suggestion of where to hike in Europe. I hadn't realized that Corsica was good for hiking (as the author points out, most Americans haven't…)

Though it is hardly news to Europeans, Americans have only recently awakened to the hiking opportunity on the rugged Mediterranean island of Corsica, France's "mountain in the sea."

Apparently Corsica is home to the GR20, "the spectacular and arduous 130-mile route that many claim is Europe's best backpacking trail." Oooh! Perhaps my next trip to France will involve a visit to the GR20. Spectacular and arduous are two of my favorite hiking-related adjectives!