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Drat, here I am about to leave for Munich in a few hours, and I just now remembered I hadn't posted asking for recommendations of what to see while there. I'm sure I'll find some Internet connection when I arrive, so go ahead and let me know what I can't afford to miss during my brief sojourn to the Bavarian capital. Neat architecture, pretty scenes, and cool cultural suggestions are appreciated. And of course, if there's something I just shouldn't miss (a museum? a food? a beer?), let me know. Thanks.

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  1. For art, I’ll mention the Lenbachhaus, a 19th century building full of stuff newer and older, and the Kunstbau Lenbachhaus (U-Bahnhof Knigsplatz), which was an old subway (U-bahn) station that was turned into a museum space. Very big walls.

  2. The Asamkirche is incredible. The most beautiful interior of any church I’ve ever seen.
    For nightlife, try Kunstpark Ost. It’s a factory that was converted into several bars and clubs.
    Located in the city’s main park, the Chinese Tower beer hall with an oompah-band is so cheesy you have to see it to believe it.
    Finally, try the incredible food store “Dallmayr”, one of the best food stores in the world, and a great place to find picnic supplies.

  3. The Deutches Museum is great. For a big-beer-hall experience stick your head in the Hofbrauhaus…and head on down the road to the (much cheaper) Lowenbrauhaus.

  4. I really enjoyed the Residenz, which is a large palace complex for former Bavarian royalty. I’ve posted some pictures that give you a preview of what you’ll see there.

  5. You should see Dachau concentration camp while you are there. I saw it when I was 17; I never looked at human beings the same way again.

  6. I hated Munich because I was bite by a crazy German Shephard there once. However, they do have one of the biggest parks I’ve ever seen in a city. Comparable to Central Park. It’s called Englischer Garten and it has rivers and grass and the whole bit. Even though it’s winter, it might be nice to see it.

  7. I lived in Munchen for a bit.
    I second Englischer Garten if it’s nice out. You will inevitably make your way through Marienplatz (and the glockenspiel is cool).
    A hidden gem is Lenbach House (Luisenstr. 33), a city-run museum in a converted villa that is but packed with art from the Blue Rider School (Kandinsky, Klee, et al).

  8. An easy drive or train/cab combination from Munich is Castle Neuschwanstein (sp?). It’s totally fake, built in the mid 1800’s, but it sure is pretty. Especially if you can get to the bridge above it, or ideally even higher.
    We were able to get to the castle and Dachau in the same day. Watch out though, the convenient bus schedule from the castle back to town has a two hour lunch hole. We wound up hitching a ride instead.

  9. I also would recommend Lenbachhaus, and not far away the three buildings of the Pinakothek, of course the Deutsche Museum (a very big technical museum).
    Guess for the beergarden at the Chinese Tower it will be to cold, and the Hofbrauhaus maybe is a bit too touristic.
    Beer I recomend is the Augustiner Edelstoff.
    Kunstpark Ost does not exist anymore. something similar now is Kulturfabrik.
    Hope you have a nice time here in Munich!

  10. There are rental bicycles which you unlock using a code they give you over the phone. Ride them around and re-lock them anywhere, and call back saying where you left them. They have racks which will hold several beers.

  11. Englischer Garten for sure if it’s nice. It’s great to walk around in and the Chinese Tower people have mentioned is in the center of it. Quite nice if it’s not too chilly out.

  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m going to close the thread now because I won’t have time to even do all of the things that have already been written.

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