The glory of frying

I can't say I've really tried much frying at home, but according to the New York Times Minimalist, Mark Bittman, "[f]rying lends itself to home cooking..It does everything you want cooking to do. It makes food crisp, tender, gorgeous and golden." He says so in his article, Hot, Sizzling Temptations, Freshly Fried at Your Stove.

Sadly, we've been trained to deny our love, even become ashamed of it, because frying is supposed to be unhealthy. And, the naysayers contend, it's a pain, it's expensive, and it's messy.

Hogwash. Try it once, and you'll be hooked. And on your second try you will come pretty close to mastering the art of frying.

Be sure to check along the sidebar for four frying recipes. I want to make the onion rings, yum!