On the glory of Brussels sprouts

Brussels sproutsI have been on a Brussels sprouts tear lately (see You do learn something new every day from earlier this month), eating them as much as possible. As is my way when I find something I love, I eat it non-stop until I almost grow sick of it. Luckily the season for the item usually passes before the damage is complete, and then I have nearly a year to recover. Case in point: bread salad. But I digress! Back to the sprouts…

I've been preparing them at home in my skillet with brown butter, and I've thought them quite delicious. Imagine my surprise when I was out dining earlier this week at one of Manhattan's nicest restaurants and I was served Brussels sprouts with a dish — and they were prepared just as I do them at home! That's given me the confidence to share my recipe with all you Brussels sprouts fans out there. Presenting Megnut's Brown Buttered Brussels Sprouts.

For those that aren't fans, here is the sheet music to We Hate Brussels Sprouts. Perhaps you can write a lyrical accompaniment?