Can you name this song?

This is a favor for a friend of mine who heard a song at a bar the other night. We've searched on Google with the lyric snippet to no avail. So we're turning to the wisdom of the web, and hoping you readers may know the artist and/or the song. Do you know a song that's new and probably released within the past few years? He might have heard something about this band on MTV and this may have been the lead single off their major labor release. It's, "really good 'generic' funk." It's also, "The closest thing I've heard to Prince since Outkast." The lyric snippet that can be recalled is, "I'm gonna do it. Take your body out all night." He thinks. Do you know? Can you help?

Update: The mystery is solved! Reader's report it's, "Take Your Mama" by the Scissor Sisters. Well done readers, my friend thanks you.

10 thoughts on “Can you name this song?

  1. Possibly “Take Your Mama” by the Scissor Sisters? The clip you quote is pretty similar to the lyrics: “Do it / Take your mama out all night”.
    There’s an audio clip at their site if you want to check.

  2. The entire Scissor Sisters album is good old-fashioned generic funk with some Elton John thrown in. High camp, disco funk at its best! Planethalder.

  3. Scissor Sisters rock! The double whammy of Tits on the Radio and Filthy/Gorgeous mid-album is fantastic.

  4. Yes, the Scissor Sisters.
    They are quite popular here in the UK. More than in the US it seems. Saw them in Oxford a few months ago, they were brilliant. Not sure if they’re gonna make it past the first album though.

  5. I’ll confirm that – it’s the Scissor Sisters. One of the best albums I’ve heard all year.

  6. Thanks so much folks, you all rule. Now that the mystery is solved, I’m going to close the comments. And listen to some Scissor Sisters, which it turns out I already had on my iPod but hadn’t realized that was the band we were looking for.

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