48 hours till M-Day

The marathon is looming on the horizon. I've been eating lots of carbs and went for my final short run this morning. I feel ready! And I can't wait to just get out there and run and have it done with. One of my running mates David has created a course map in Flickr for folks to annotate with their location. If you'll be cheering and have a Flickr account, please post your location on the Marathon Course Map. If you don't have a Flickr account and plan on watching and cheering, tell me your location in the comments so I can listen/look for you. I'll need all the support I can get, especially in the Bronx around mile 20. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of what I plan to wear so you can pick me out of the crowd. Thanks for all your support, it really means a lot and will help me get through the hard times knowing folks are thinking of me and cheering me on.

15 thoughts on “48 hours till M-Day

  1. Meg – please post your bib number on the site so those of us out here in Jesusland (Ohio) can follow your progress online.
    Good luck! You’re in for an amazing experience.

  2. I’ll be watching it on TV. Have a blister-free, black toenail-free, FUN time. You can’t believe how great it feels to cross that finish line.

  3. Best of luck Meg. Remember, after so many other epic projects, it’ll be odd to look back at the next one and say ‘gosh, that was a bit of a… oh, no, it was worse’.

  4. I am here because you and Ev seem to be the most influential among the very early jot-it-down blogs (as opposed to news-and-links-blogs).
    Read about my hunt for the First Bloggers in the latest entry in my blog.
    Meanwhile: good luck with the Marathon, and I will go browsing here and at Evhead too.

  5. Meg, I forgot to tell you something really important in the email I sent you a while back. TNT instructed all of us newbies, “DO NOT look down at your watch as you cross the finish line!” They snap your photo at that moment and it’s got such potential to be a great shot!

  6. Totally inspired by you. Dream of completing a marathon. Hope you have an awsome run – and will think of ING when I do my measly little 6 mile run today.

  7. Go Meg go! Was tracking your progress online, and as of now, you’re running a little over a fourteen minute mile! Go you! 🙂

  8. Congratulations! I TiVo’d the measly coverage we got here in Ohio and will be watching it tonight.
    Way to go!

  9. Yay Meg!
    Not being a runner, I never cared about marathons. But yesterday I found myself popping your bib number into the marathon site and tracking your progress. When I saw that you finshed, I was elated that you had achieved your goal.
    Congratulations to you from Southern NJ!

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