This moment in time

TriBeCa, Franklin @ Church, New York City. Right now. First a siren, then a few more. I say, "Jeez people, get out of the way." We keep working. Sirens continue. Louder. I go look out the window. Gridlock. Back to work. I realize the sirens are still going, really loud. Everywhere. Sirens. Traffic's snarled. All the sudden I get a cold feeling. "Something must have happened," I say. I rush to check Google News, breaking story, Gunman Opens Fire At NY City Hall. Sirens continue to sound.

Ok weird. Now I read that it happened shortly after 2 PM. It's 3:22 PM. Is something else going on? Why are there so many sirens now?

Update: apparently the gunman's still at large. And Brooklyn Councilman James Davis has died. News here.

Update update: Gunman isn't at large. Was never at large. Was killed by security guard at scene. Yay security guard. Boo City Hall security. How'd the gunman get a gun into City Hall? He never went through the metal detector. He walked in with Councilman Davis and wasn't required to.