Seabiscuit misc.

The American Experience episode Seabiscuit will be re-run on Monday, July 28, 2003 at 9pm ET (check local listings). I caught this back in April and it was quite good, lots of information and original footage.

Here are some photos from the premiere last night in LA. There aren't any of any horses though, didn't they get invites too?

And I got tickets to Seabiscuit, alas I had to buy them myself for a Friday (opening night) showing. My experiment in getting tickets through the site failed. Waaaaaahhh! But I also learned a lot, like I should have started earlier because big movies like Seabiscuit have screenings further in advance. But no matter, I don't care. If I survive until the end of the week, it will all be worth it so I can go see Seabiscuit.

Oh, and there's a bunch more stuff about Seabiscuit at EquiSearch's Seabiscuit Central. [thanks Lenny!]

And Seabiscuit director Gary Ross on NPR's All Things Considered, from yesterday.