DNS problems

Something's gone screwy with my DNS and it looks like I'm not getting email at my usual address. If you need to email me, please use mhourihan -at- yahoo.com instead. This site may also disappear, and depending on what the problem is I may move my DNS, meaning everything will be down/broken/not working for a couple days. If possible, I'll keep you updated. Ugh. Sometimes I hate the internet.

Update: in the meantime, you can always access megnut at http://megnut.metafilter.com/.

Second update: UltraDNS deleted my account (thereby removing my records from their nameservers) through a series of billing and invoicing "errors" that are hard to believe (apparently their payment system and invoicing system are not intergrated?!). Suffice to say, I've left them. What that means in plain English is this: megnut.com will become unreachable for a period of time (24 – 48 hours) and then it will come back. If you're trying to send me email, it will probably queue on your mail server but I won't get it for a few days. By the end of this week, all should be well again. Damn you UltraDNS! Damn you!