Can you help me out with Seabiscuit?

Consider this an experiment in weblogs-as-PR machine, or weblogs-as-journalism…

If you've been reading this site for any amount of time, you probably know that I'm all gaga about Seabiscuit (the horse, because of the book), and am highly anticipating the film's opening on July 25th. What I'd like more than anything is to go to a preview screening before it opens. In return, I promise to write a review of the film here on my site on opening day. So if you, or any one you know, could get me access to a press screening, or some other showing, I'd super appreciate it. You can email me

As proof of my passion/crazyness/obsession, here are older megnut posts about Seabiscuit: Seabiscuit: An American Legend, a book review; The Biscuit, an obsession; I see the film's preview and whine about its far-off release; and finally Seabiscuit is coming!, wherein I anticipate the American Experience episode about the Biscuit.

Also, ESPN Classic is showing a program called, Seabiscuit — The Making of the Movie with airings scheduled through the end of August. I saw it last night and it was pretty interesting, and further piqued my interest in the film. The camera work looks amazing, they have these really long booms that get the cameras right in between the horses during the race scenes. And I hadn't realized but jockey Gary Stevens plays jockey George Woolf in the film. My only concern still is that the film will be all about the men, and not enough about the horse.

And finally, last thing on this topic (at least for today), I promise: if you haven't read the article in The New Yorker, A Sudden Illness – How My Life Changed, by Seabiscuit author Laura Hillenbrand, you absolutely should. It is beautifully-written and inspiring, and I find I am more in awe of her accomplishment with Seabiscuit: An American Legend than ever.