megnut was honored with a

megnut was honored with a Bloggie at the First Annual Weblog Awards. Now for my speech:

I'd like to thank all the people who made this award possible: Nikolai and the esteemed voters, 3Com and their wonderful little product, that bastard who wrote the software that 3Com ships with their webcam that expires in one hour, and of course, most importantly, you–for tuning in to watch me pick my nose, cry, make horrible faces, and chew my food, day in and day out for the last year. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

“A stress fracture is a

"A stress fracture is a break in a bone caused by repetitive stress…There is often no recollection of injury. The patient may simply develop a pain after some activity…Without proper treatment, this may progress to a 'through and through' (overt) fracture of the bone."

In other words, it may just break. All that stress and the pain that's built up may cause the body to snap break bam like that. I think I have stress fractures all over my body. I think I have a stress fracture in my skull because there's been this pain on the side of my temple for months now, but I don't remember banging my head in any way. I think I have stress fractures in my ribs, because it hurts to breathe. I think I have stress fractures in my wrists, because they ache whether I use my keyboard and mouse for hours on end or I don't. I'm certain there must be a giant stress fracture in the lower part of my spine, because there's no other explanation for the shooting pain I feel when I lean over to pick up a sock on the floor. And worst of all, I think I have a stress fracture in my heart, because it just feels so sore and achy all the time.

Today’s the 28th anniversary of

Today's the 28th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. Today Bush announced he will reinstate a ban on federal funds for international organizations that offer abortion and abortion counseling. Today confirmation hearings continue for John Ashcroft who presages an anti-choice agenda for the office of attorney general. On Friday during his Senate confirmation, Tommy Thompson, Bush's choice for secretary of health and human services, questioned the safety of RU-486 and strongly hinted he would initiate a review of the drug's recent FDA approval. (For a more complete list of Bush's anti-choice plan, see

Though the majority of Americans support a woman's right to choose, Bush asserts, and will continue to assert, his anti-choice beliefs. He will be naming justices to the Supreme Court should anyone retire during his term. The Attorney General appointed by Bush has the authority to enforce the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. This is a dangerous situation for anyone who believes a woman must have authority over what happens in her body. The organizations that educate women about their reproductive choices, who work to ensure that abortions are safe, affordable, and legal, need our support now more than ever. (For more facts about the issue, check out this NARAL fact sheet.)

I'd like to ask for you support. If you've enjoyed reading megnut and are interested in giving something in return, I hope that you will contribute a small amount to one of the following organizations supporting women's right to choose: National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood Global Partners (to support organizations who will be impacted by the ban on federal funds to international organizations), or the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights League. (link help thanks to rebecca blood!)

For two women shot to

For two women shot to death in Brookline, Massachusetts
by Marge Piercy

How dare a woman choose?
Choose to be pregnant,
choose to be childless,
choose to be lesbian,
choose to have two lovers or none,
choose to abort
choose to live alone
choose to walk alone
at night,
choose to come and to go
without permission
without leave
without a man.

Consider a woman's blood
spilled on a desk,
pooled on an office floor,
an ordinary morning at work,
an ordinary morning of helping
other women choose
to be or not to be
means she has fallen
into death.

A woman young and smiling
sitting at a desk
trying to put other women at ease
now bleeds from five
large wounds, bleeding
from her organs
bleeding out her life.

A young man is angry at women
women who say no
women who say maybe and mean no
women who won't
women who do and they shouldn't
If they are pregnant they are bad
because that proves
they did it with someone
they did it
and should die.
A man gets angry with a woman
who decides to leave him
who decides to walk off
who decides to walk
who decides

Women are not real to such men
they should behave as meat
such men drag them into the woods
and stab them
climb in their windows and rape them
such men shoot them in kitchens
such men strangle them in bed
such men lie in wait
and ambush them in parking lots

such men walk into a clinic
and kill the first women they see.

In harm's way:
meaning in the way of a man
who is tasting his anger
like rare steak.
A daily ordinary courage
doing what has to be done
every morning, every afternoon
doing it over and over
because it is needed
put them in harm's way.

Two women dying
because a man chose that they die.
Two women dying
because they did their job
helping other women survive
Two women dead
from the stupidity of an ex altar boy
who saw himself
as a fetus
who pumped his sullen fury
into the woman in front of him
twice, and intended more.

Stand up now and say No More.
Stand up now and say We
Stand up and say We will not be ruled
by crazies and killers,
by shotguns and bombs and acid.
We will not dwell in the caves of fear.
We will make each other strong.
We will make each other safe.
There is no other monument.

A B C, It’s easy

A B C, It's easy as, 1 2 3 … blah blah blah blah … XYZ baby you and me. Or something. I probably shouldn't use the Jackson 5 in relation to a post about a late dinner with friends. Dinner was scrumptious and delightful and mmm mmm good.

Vacuous maybe, but never vapid.

This is sweet! Dave sent

This is sweet! Dave sent me a link to Kevin Smith's columns that he's writing about his upcoming film. It's candid and refreshing and just a cool damn way to know what's going on with Kevin (that's what I call him, just Kevin…) and his newest film. Too bad all the casting's done, I'd like to be in it. Of all the movies I've ever seen, a Kevin Smith oeuvre seems like just the "vehicle" for me.

And I have acting experience you know, I do! I was the Tin Man in my sixth grade production of The Wizard of Oz, and I dabbled in drama in high school, even playing the lead my junior year in a play whose name I can no longer recall. What I do recall is that the play had something to do with Scotland (I had to have a Scottish accent the whole time), the beach, and sex. I had to mimic having sex on the stage. I don't recall how I accomplished this exactly, having never had sex off the stage. Memories include a fake rock, a deep mortification, and an insistance that none of my friends nor family attend any of the performances.