This is sweet! Dave sent

This is sweet! Dave sent me a link to Kevin Smith's columns that he's writing about his upcoming film. It's candid and refreshing and just a cool damn way to know what's going on with Kevin (that's what I call him, just Kevin…) and his newest film. Too bad all the casting's done, I'd like to be in it. Of all the movies I've ever seen, a Kevin Smith oeuvre seems like just the "vehicle" for me.

And I have acting experience you know, I do! I was the Tin Man in my sixth grade production of The Wizard of Oz, and I dabbled in drama in high school, even playing the lead my junior year in a play whose name I can no longer recall. What I do recall is that the play had something to do with Scotland (I had to have a Scottish accent the whole time), the beach, and sex. I had to mimic having sex on the stage. I don't recall how I accomplished this exactly, having never had sex off the stage. Memories include a fake rock, a deep mortification, and an insistance that none of my friends nor family attend any of the performances.